Tabernacle of David Ministries International is to serve the Church, the Body of Christ, to fulfill the vision of rebuilding the Tabernacle of David in these last days. It consists of several areas:
  1. Restore the Davidic praise and worship in the house of God.
  2. Usher in the Ark, the presence of God, into the midst of His people; to encounter the glory of God.
  3. Demonstrate the power of God through the work of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Ignite and spread the revival fire in the hearts of God's people.
  5. Proclaim the gospel and bring the love of God in the world mission, first in China, then throughout Asia, and beyond to the nations of the earth.
Mission Statement
The mission of this ministry is to spread the revival fire throughout China; to see that China shall be saved by the power of the cross and the blood of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. God is going to raise up people in China to be part of the end time army to fulfill the Great Commission before the Lord Jesus returns.
This ministry was founded by Revivalist David Lin at San Jose in July, 1996. After his personal revival in 1991, he ministers to house churches in China and also many other nations with the anointing of God.


July 1996 Revivalist David Lin founded Tabernacle of David Ministry International based in San Jose, California, as a registered non-denominational Christian non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Began to work with Taiwan Rebirth Fellowship and ministered at various prisons in Taiwan.

1997 Mission trips expanded to South Africa and Southeastern Asian countries as the beginning of world mission
1998 Began daily shortwave radio broadcast Revival Sound to China and Asia countries
1999 Mission trips expanded to Europe and Latin America
Started tape ministry, published sermon notes compilations, ministry website operational
Began to hold annual revival meetings in Taiwan
2000 Began to hold revival meetings in United States and Canada
2001 Book published: Anointed Sermon Compilation: Volume 1
Mission trip to 10 cities in Malaysia
2002 Book publish: The Cross and the Anointing, VCD/Video ministry
The Marriage of the Lamb Conference held in San Jose, California, USA; Revivalist David Lin officially accepted pastoral duty; Revivalist David Lin wedded Sister Bonnie Kao.
2003 Book published: Anointed Sermon Compilation: Volume 2, Teaching Series handbooks
2004 Expanded VCD/Video ministry to DVD
2005 Revised Anointed Sermon Compilation: Volume 1, published Anointed Sermon Compilation: Volume 3
2006 Published The Alter of God


Financial Support
Donation check can be made to:  TODMI
Tabernacle Of David Ministries International
P.O.Box 361662 Milpitas, CA 95036, USA
Mission Statistics and Financial Report


Ministry Offices
Ministry Headquarter
Tabernacle Of David Ministries International
P.O.Box 361662 Milpitas, CA 95036, USA
(408) 942-8724


Spiritual Father
Dr. Edward Miller

Pastor Derek Crumpton (Foundation Ministries, South Africa)
Pastor Violet Kiteley (Shiloh Christian Fellowship, Oakland, USA)
Pastor J.Q.Jone (Greater Love COGIC, Milpitas, USA)
Rev. Ernest Chan (Agape Renewal Center, Los Angels, USA)
Rev. Jack Chou (Renewal & Deeper Life M. I., Dallas, USA)
Rev. James Shou (Glorious Christ Church, San Jose, USA)
Rev. Gideon Zhou (Zion Church, Vancouver, Canada)
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Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests
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Prayer Requests
Financial Support
Donation check can be made to:  TODMI
Tabernacle Of David Ministries International
P.O.Box 361662 Milpitas, CA 95036, USA

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